Teamwork is a key component in a dental office. Teamwork really does make the dreamwork! Dental assistants are an integral part of the team and their contribution and collaboration with their peers elevates the dental office setting to new heights! But, how do we teach teamwork? And, how do we teach professionalism?

We get asked this question a lot by our dental industry friends. Professionalism and teamwork are difficult to ‘teach’, where we find it easier to mentor and lead by example at Risio Institute. We are fortunate that our students attend the clinical modules after having already worked in a dental office for many months and sometimes years prior to joining our program, so they have been exposed to the culture of the dental industry and they see the importance of teamwork and collaboration. Our team of clinical instructors and administrators raise the level of professionalism, while also having fun and displaying a camaraderie that is often difficult to find in a team! We use these skills to teach our students that teamwork is the dreamwork!