Manuals & Policies

Risio follows clear and specific guidelines to create an exemplary experience for all students, staff, and patients. Find and explore our manuals below to learn more about the standards we follow.


Risio Institute Procedures & Policies Manuals

The Risio Institute Procedures & Policies Manual contains the following policies:

  • Mission Statement
  • Program Description
  • Timetable & Course Delivery Schedule
  • Admissions Policy
  • Tuition, Fees, & Refunds Policy
  • Student Complaint & Resolution Policy
  • Academic Assessment Policy
  • Academic Integrity Policy
  • Student Non-Academic Misconduct Policy
  • Student Probation Policy & Procedure
  • Student Accommodation Policy
  • Student Appeals Policy
  • Privacy Policy
  • Student Code of Conduct Policy
  • COVID-19 Proof of Vaccination Policy
  • Transfer Credit Policy

This document also contains the following information:

  • Schedule A: Mandatory Additional Coursework or Training
  • Schedule C: Canadian Regulatory Registration & Guidelines
  • Schedule D: NDAEB Application Form for the Written National Dental Assisting Examination Board Exam
  • Schedule E: Module-based Learning Activities Rubric
  • Schedule F: The College of Alberta Dental Assistants (CADA) Standards of Practice
  • Schedule G: Forms
  • Schedule H: Current Canadian Dental Assisting Legal Scope of Practice by Province (updated 2018)

    Request a Copy of the Manual

    To review the policies and documents listed above in detail, download the the Risio Institute Procedures & Policies Manual below: