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At Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education, students from anywhere in Canada can earn the required credentials for a career in dental assisting.

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Risio Institute provides accessible online education with small class sizes that allows students to maintain their current employment and earn while learning.

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Our interactive distance learning technology and state-of-the-art clinical modules let us provide top-tier dental assistant training, even to those in remote areas.

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Our Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Diploma Program is accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation of Canada, licensed through Alberta Advanced Education and respected by practices all over the country.

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Don’t just trust us! Dive into a mix of awesome video testimonials from students, employers, and industry experts, giving you a firsthand look at the incredible experiences and successes they’ve had with our online dental assistant education program.

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Intro to the Course

Our curriculum places you in a dynamic online learning environment, with instructors who will develop your learning habits and help you contribute to oral health care.

Online & 2 In-Person Modules

Flexible interactive online modules provide a self-paced environment for learning key skills, and our clinical modules provide real-world firsthand experience for students.

Work Integrated Learning

All Risio students work or volunteer a minimum of 14 hours a week in a dental office, resulting in over 1500 Work Integrated Learning hours.


Students who complete our program can earn their diploma in under 24 months.

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Alumni Satisfaction

Risio graduates are busy working in dynamic practices throughout Canada and beyond. Learn what our alumni have to say about their experience with us.

To preserve their authenticity, the following testimonials have not been edited:

"Prior to joining Risio and attending the Dental Assisting course, I was working as a dental administrator for over three years. Occasionally, I would help with processing instruments through sterilization and operatory turnovers. The longer that I was in the field, the more I had the desire to grow and expand my duties. I knew that I wanted to be more hands-on with patient care and increase my clinical knowledge.

Unsure of how I would be able to pursue a dental assisting certificate without compromising my employment left me discouraged. I had seen the Risio advertisements many times but I was apprehensive… To be honest, it was scary because it sounded too good to be true. To my relief and as a great surprise, it was exactly as it was promised to be (and more).

I am a mother of two young kids, if not for Risio, it would have been impossible to attend school and to keep working. This program helped me attain my goal of becoming an RDA, gave me the utmost confidence and increased my value within my practice. This course forces you to be hands-on with your learning. For people like me, who are visual learners, this is the perfect program.

Since completing the program, I am able to understand more in depth concepts regarding patient treatment. I am able to contribute even more as a team member. Because of my newly acquired skills and knowledge, I was recently promoted to Office Manager. I am still able to provide support to my teammates but in a different way, it is easier to help someone when you have walked in their shoes."

"This school honestly has changed my life for the better! I’ve learned so much and grown so much since starting this program! I've been wanting to go to dental school but wasn't able to as I still needed to work full time. This school opened up that possibility for me! As I was going through the interview process, I’ve gotten lots of feedback from offices that were pleasantly surprised that new graduates from Risio have much more experience in a dental office than they've seen with others, which is a huge advantage! I will be forever promoting this school and recommending it to any one I know that wants to get into the dental field!"

"I cannot express to you how incredible your program is! You have made it possible for me, a mother of two with a full time job, to be able to go back to school and work towards my dream of becoming an RDA. Without this program, it would not have been a possibility. By starting Risio Dental Institute you have created something truly amazing (and I’m not sure you guys even know HOW AMAZING), not just for me.. but also for the thousands and thousands of students that will come after me! I am so blessed to have met you ladies and to have been part of your very first intake! The 3 of you will always hold a very very special place in my heart, and I will carry your words of wisdom with me always! From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU!!! For your knowledge, your guidance and your patience.

The clinical environment was great! I was nervous the first day of course, but you guys were so welcoming and provided corrective feedback in a way that was very helpful and hands on, but not Intimidating at all! Don’t change what you guys are doing, it’s very effective and puts students at ease."

"Risio Institute has been a breath of fresh air for online learning. I have done a few courses online and this program they have created does not compare. The thought they have put into creating a easily navigable student portal which provides notes, audio/video notes, assignments and reviews makes me feel confident they strive for their students to succeed.

I also find with the smaller class sizes it makes communication between student and instructors just amazing. The worst feeling I have for online learning is the feeling of having to figure everything out on my own, so far these ladies have made my learning experience just wonderful and it’s only the beginning.

So excited to have switched schools and start my journey to become a RDA with Risio Institute."

"I am so so so grateful for this program! As a working mom who’s dreamed of becoming a dental assistant for years, I’m so happy I have the opportunity to work full time, stay home with my family and get the career I’ve always wanted! The program is great, and working in the field has made the content easier to get through."

"Learning at the Risio Institute has been a fantastic experience! The instructors are all very knowledgeable and encouraging. Everyone at Risio are so supportive and want each of us attending to be successful. They spend extra time with each of us ensuring that if we have questions or need extra skill practice that we get exactly what we need to be comfortable and proficient in each of the skills that we are being taught. The clinic is state of the art and you feel welcome the moment you walk through the door!

Thanks to Risio, as a single parent household, I have been able to follow my dreams and pursue becoming a Dental Assistant. Without this program this would not have been possible. Thank you so much Risio!!"

"Risio Institute is the bomb dot com! As their student, I had such an amazing time. It was nice meeting all the other students from different cities and also meeting our knowledgeable & patient instructors. I felt such at ease being away from home. They made learning so fun at such a decent pace so I didn’t feel rushed. I came, not knowing what to expect and I am leaving with such confidence, made new friends and excited to share my knowledge with my team at Signature Dental."

"Risio Institute offers a very experienced team! They enable students to learn in an atmosphere that is valuable to their education and careers! The facilitators are very motivational when it comes to online learning and instructors are well educated and very comfortable teaching all the skills needed to become a certified Dental Assistant! The Clinical offered is fun and adventurous; covering all modules learned online. I would recommend Risio Institute to anyone seeking a professional career in the dental field."

"Being able to work full time as well as taking this online program has changed my life. It has been such a positive, lovely, compassionate support system from Risio. They help you strive and achieve your goals. While I was in clinical with Jewel and Chantel they made the whole experience memorable and enjoyable. Thank you for everything. Casey and Carey are phenomenal at what they do. They put in hard work and it shows. Thank you."

"Thank you Risio to provide online school. So I can work full time and study at the same time in Calgary. It is a wonderful experience to get more insight in dental industry.

Everyone are so supportive and experienced. With clinical classes, I can learn more techniques and improve my skills. I am so grateful to learn and grow my knowledge in RISIO. Thank you."

"Great staff and wonderful atmosphere. They have structured online learning which helps keep you on track and get to your goals in a well timed manner. The practical portion is lots of fun and helps to learn and use your skills. Would 100% recommend this school for dental assistant training."

"I am a risio student and I am so thankful to have found risio, and to be able to get my dental assisting certification while working full time as well as spend time with my 1 year old! The learning environment is sooo easy going, i absolutely love the layout, the online material is even better it’s thorough and strait to the point. The instructors are amazing and great at what they do, the owners Casey and Carey are beyond amazing they’re great at building a relationship with their students and are very understanding of everything! 10/10 I would recommend to other students!"

"I had a great experience learning alongside my classmates all the different types of skills that we will continue to work on going back to our respective offices. The instructors were super helpful with making sure we were mastering our skills and we were well prepared for our patient care clinic!"

"The Risio Institute has been amazing! Been a great advantage to be able to work and still earn my certification. The instructors are incredibly helpful and so resourceful! So happy I chose Risio for my dental education!"

"This is an awesome institute for learning to become a dental assistant. Lots of hands on practice and support throughout the program. There are many benefits for patients who come to an appointment to help the students learn. Who doesn't want a dental exam from a practicing dentist, potential x-rays, polishing, fluoride treatments and more...all for FREE!"

"Very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The instructors are great and make sure that everyone is taken care of and looked out for! Very organized, and lots of skills learnt and opportunities to practice our new skills."

"Risio Institute has given me the opportunity to become a RDA while still working. It has been a great experience and coming for clinical has been great! The Instructors are amazing! Thank you girls!!"

"Very friendly, welcoming atmosphere. The instructors are great and make sure that everyone is taken care of and looked out for! Very organized, and lots of skills learnt and opportunities to practice our new skills."

"The school is great and so informative! I feel like I learnt so much in my two years of school here! The staff is also very fun and nice!"

"Highly recommend to anyone who wants to become an RDA! Great experience, great staff!!"

"Loved the program! So convienent to be able to work while doing the program."

Dentist Satisfaction

Dentists who work with Risio get access to our outstanding graduates at the end of their program. They also have an opportunity to contribute positively to the industry by providing guidance and mentorship for the dental assistants of tomorrow. Find out what the dentists who work with our students and graduates are saying.

To preserve their authenticity, the following testimonials have not been edited:

“I’m really pleased to be a part of your program. It’s simply brilliant. They get to earn while they learn and I get an outstanding dental assistant at the end that has had customized training in my office as to the way I like to do things. I have worked with many freshly minted dental assistants straight out of school and I can say without a doubt that this program produces great assistants that integrate very smoothly into the office. It opens a door of opportunity for people that just might not have that door available to them. This is especially true living in a more rural community.
Calysta is the second student/staff member to be enrolled in your program. Both students I have known personally for years, and in Rolenne’s (finished term 1) circumstance, I had worked with her for years in the OR at the local hospital. She was out of gas and needed a change. This program couldn’t have been more perfect. When Rolenne returned from her practical training term 1, she was well prepared, confident, and enthusiastic. She learned a lot and is really loving her job. It’s been fun to watch the transition.
I have great confidence that Calysta will be a star student and you guys will love having both of these people in your program moving forward.
Risio is common sense training delivered in a common sense way, great job!”

I believe in this program and rely on it a great deal as the clinic that I am managing, I was able to talk to the owners to send a few girls which in the end we did send 5, as well as I was a part of sending another from a different clinic as well. Up in the NORTH it is a hard thing to find RDA’sI so this program allows us all to “ make our own” and gives opportunity to communities that are small but still can get skilled employees much like apprenticeships. I am so thrilled for the two of you and all that you have accomplished thus far and look forward whatever else this may bring to our profession!! I am an RDA myself and have been for 36 years, I believe in “on the job training” while going to school! It is the greatest concept around and I thank you for developing such a TOP DRAWER PROGRAM. Congratulations again for a Job well done!!

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Risio’s tuition is split across a deposit (required upon acceptance to secure your spot in the program) and two terms, making it easier to budget for the costs of your education.

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