Dental Aide

Risio Institute is offering a Dental introduction program to give employees a head-start in the dental industry. Students can enroll in the Dental Aide Program to gain knowledge in dental and clinical basics, infection prevention & control and sterilization.

Who is the Dental Aide Program For?

You’ll benefit from the Dental Aide Program if you:

  • Want to work as a sterilization tech in a dental office
  • Would like to work in a dental office but need some basic information to get your foot in the door
  • Work in dental administration and want to learn more about the clinical side of the industry
  • Are thinking about taking Risio Institute’s Dental Assisting Diploma Program and want to try out the online format

Course Content

The Dental Aide Program is self-directed and includes the following topics:

    • Dental Basics (Terminology, Tooth Identification, Numbering Systems, Procedures, Radiography Overview and Treatment Planning)
    • Clinical Basics (Delivering Dental Care, Suctioning, Dental Handpieces, Tray Setup)
    • Sterilization (Microbiology, Disease Transmission and Prevention, Infection Prevention and Control, Disinfection and Sterilization)

    This interactive, online, self paced program can be started at any time.

    • Timeline: 6 months or less
    • Investment: $985.00 (+ textbooks: $222.00)

    A Special Message from Carey & Casey

    Dental Assistants, Educators, & Founders of Risio Institute for Digital Education

    Want to go further? Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education offers students from all over Canada the opportunity to become Registered Dental Assistants while maintaining their employment.

    Students who complete the Dental Aide Program have the option to enroll into the Risio Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program, and be credited for Module 2!

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