Living in Alberta, one of our favourite months is JUNE, because June marks the first
day of summer! Dr. David, our Patient Care Dentist and Advisory Board Chair, also
celebrates a milestone birthday this month, on the first day of summer!

While the summer months bring warmer weather and an opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors, it also means that an extra layer of discipline is needed to stay focused on learning and completing the Dental Assisting e-learning modules on time. The best way to do this is to ensure that time management is your best friend!!!

Education is such a necessary part of life, and it is attainable with focus and determination. Some of our tips and tricks to staying focused include:

  • blocking off time each day to do homework
  • bringing your mobile device or laptop to sporting events to sneak in some learning
  • blocking off time for self-care, so that you are not over-worked

Remember, this time will go fast, so it is important to dedicate the time to complete the program effectively. A wise woman once said, “the time will pass anyway, so you may as well learn”!!!