It is no secret that our mission and vision is to create access to education, so with that, our intent is to GROW! We have pondered how to work with our growth plan, while maintaining the quality of education that we deliver today. With a forward-thinking vision and a strong will t see the success in our programs and students who take them, we believe that we can enhance Risio Institute to provide even better access to education and therefore, patient care!

With national labour shortages impacting the dental health of Canadians, we believe that we have a duty to help solve the issue. Education will aways be a part of the future and training dental team members to enhance their skills and gain their credentials is our passion. We have ‘stepped outside the box’ in our way of thinking about dental assisting training and education, while working with various regulators across Canada to envision a different kind of delivery in distance education. There’s not shortage of new at Risio Institute and we hope to bring change to our industry, so that we too can make a difference!