When we embarked on this journey to start Risio Institute with a Dental Assistant
Distance Delivery Program, we wore many ‘hats’ to get the ball rolling! Casey,
our online digital content expert, created our Risio website, along with many
other online software that we use today! We worked hard to update the site and
create the most streamlined experience for our students and our contacts. And,
it was great!

We soon realized that we needed a more robust site to ‘connect all of the dots’
in our quickly-accelerating school! What a good thing! We were introduced to a
fantastic team at Monochrome Marketing, who promised they could deliver all of
the whistles and bells we needed on our new website. Over the past few
months, the Monochrome team has been working diligently with us to
streamline our content and create exactly what we need.

Check out our new website and let us know what you think! We are very happy
to have a site that checks off our entire list, and creates a user-experience that is
simple, fast and efficient. We think you will agree!