Work Integrated Learning is incorporated into the Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program at Risio Institute to benefit learners and their dental teams. Employers often value practical experience over theoretical knowledge alone, so working in the same industry while going to school allows students to gain a competitive advantage. This can also provide financial benefits, allowing students to earn an income, which can help offset tuition costs and other expenses associated with education.

Through work integrated learning in the same industry, students have an opportunity to develop and refine important professional and time management skills. These skills are highly valued by employers across various fields and are hard to ‘train’, but being immersed in the dental office setting provides students with an opportunity to develop them while learning and working. Students also gain insights into a different aspect of the dental industry, including its challenges and potential career paths, enabling them to make informed choices about specializations and further education! It is a win-win for both the dental office team and the student!