Online learning is no ‘walk in the park’! Both Carey-Ann and Casey have
experienced online learning in their personal lives, and both can attest to the dedication and determination it takes to stay on track!

Time management is something that we speak about with our students at our initial orientation to the program. At times, theory modules may seem heavy and overwhelming, and then ease up over the next month. No matter which module a student is in, it is important to book time in the schedule for learning, work, family and friends. And, lets not forget themselves!!!

Managing time properly means scheduling study time during the week when a large event is planned for the weekend, or vice versa. It also means studying at sporting events and accessing the LMS on a smart phone, here and there, to get a little bit of learning in! It takes some getting used to, but with dedication and determination, it is all possible! Risio Institute also provides daily tutoring to students who require additional support and assistance. Contact us today to learn more about our program!