Adult education is unique to each person and their learning style. How we learn in grade school is much different than how we learn in college. Education can be delivered face-to-face, online or in hands-on learning environments.

Risio Institute for Digital Dental Education offers a dental assistant distance delivery program through an online learning management system, and also incorporates ‘work-integrated learning’ and on-site clinical modules to offer students a blended learning experience. This blended learning concept allows students to learn the theory content online, while receiving mentorship from their dental office ‘work-integrated learning’ setting, along with hands-on instruction for all clinical skills.

Risio Institute’s clinical location is in Calgary, Alberta, offering students a large location with over 10 operatories for individualized focus and learning. Each monthly intake is capped at 10 students, so when they attend clinical modules, the learning environment is small and focused.

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