We have big plans for 2023, including post-graduate modules for our graduates to enroll in and also introductory courses for prospective students. We launched our ‘Free Online Course’ in 2021, which provides an intro to the dental industry and assists new dental personnel in gaining basic dental knowledge. Next, we launched our ‘Dental Jumpstart Program’ in 2022 for dental personnel who are
working in the sterilization area of the dental clinic. This new course includes ‘dental basics’ and ‘microbiology & infection prevention and control’ e-learning modules and much more!

Moving into 2023, we are submitting our Orthodontic Post-Graduate Module to the College of Alberta Dental Assistants (CADA) for approval. We are excited to offer this new course with updated technology, such as the iTero, and also new information taught by Risio’s team member, Dr. Alexis David, who is also an Orthodontist!

We are open to exploring additional modules, such as the Preventive Dentistry (Scaling) Module, as we have more interest in this area. Let us know what you would like to see in 2023!