This September, Carey-Ann and Casey will attend the Alberta Women Entrepreneurs awards ceremony in Edmonton! Carey-Ann was nominated this year and is honoured to be a finalist in the Emerging Entrepreneur category, amongst three other finalists! This nomination is not just for one person, though, this nomination is for Casey as well, and the work of everyone who makes Risio Institute ‘happen’ on a daily basis.

Risio Institute also has an amazing team of dental assisting instructors who mentor and coach our students each day. Our clinical modules occupy almost every day of the month now, and our team is BUSY! We could not be Risio Institute without them!

And to our students; CHEERS! Because without our students, we would also not be Risio Institute! Our passions truly collide each and every day!

During the final interview for the awards ceremony, Carey-Ann was asked who her biggest supporter & difference-maker was in Risio’s endeavor.

Her answer? The dental community and the wonderful professionals who guide us in doing what we love and support the work that we do!