Diversity, equity and inclusion. What does this mean to you? At Risio Institute, diversity, equity and inclusion are foundational to our decision-making.

At Risio Institute, we train a broad spectrum of students to reflect the diversity of the dental industry and the people it serves. Risio Institute takes steps and follows policies to help account for the unique needs of every student. Risio
Institute welcomes students and instructors from every background to create a space where all people can feel welcome. Risio Institute treats every person with the respect and dignity they deserve to create a tight-knit and supportive community.

Risio Institute’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Policy reaffirms our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion which fosters a diverse and inclusive community that encompasses our legal, moral, and ethical responsibilities.
Risio Institute created this policy to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion is the forefront of experiences obtained and decisions made by Risio Institute students, staff and faculty.

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