Over the past few months, our program has grown in popularity in our dental community. Risio Institute has made it possible for dental employees to maintain their employment at the dental office while gaining the skills and knowledge required to become a Registered Dental Assistant.

Many of the students in our program are current Dental Administrators, while some are Sterilization Techs and others are Dental Office Managers. Whether your goal is to become a clinical dental assistant, or your goal is to simply gain the certification in dental assisting, we can help you achieve it!

All of these roles play a large part in the seamless functioning of a dental practice. Dental Administrators greet their patients with a warm welcome and a smile! Sterilization Techs maintain the flow and function of the clinical team, ensuring that they have everything they need to keep the patients safe. Office Managers lead their team through day-to-day tasks and are often the ‘glue’ that holds it all together! We welcome all abilities and roles in our program. Our mission is to help you become educated in the field we both LOVE!

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