Wow, what a great couple of months it has been! Since receiving our Advanced Education License last November, we have been busy replying to inquiries on our website, enrolling students and delivering information to dental offices and regulatory bodies across Canada!

I think I speak for both Casey and I when I say that we had no idea this would be such fun work! We love to inspire our learners and share the knowledge that we have gained over the years. This is proof that when you absolutely LOVE what you do, it becomes less about working and more about mentoring and inspiring.

In January, Casey and I attended a Calgary event to learn more

about social media marketing. The networking and relationships we built that evening were amazing, as we listened to Calgary-based business owners talk about their passion and their ‘why’. It is events like these that move us forward in life and give us the determination to share our dreams with others.

What’s next for February? Some exciting events! Stay tuned for more!



Carey and Casey the co- founders of Risio