Going back to school often means sacrificing some of the things we love to gain an education. What if you could go back to school without having to sacrifice the things you love? When we brainstormed our idea for this program, our vision was to offer access to education to everyone across Canada. We stayed true to our vision as we created our Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program, allowing our students to maintain their employment in a dental office they love, while staying close to their family and friends!

Carey and Casey are truly passionate about education, but even more passionate about being able to offer an accessible program. Many of our students are mothers, or have other commitments that would not allow them to leave their hometown to go back to school. Our students also work in dental offices that they enjoy, and they don’t want to give up their employment while gaining their education.

Risio Institute makes it all possible! Our vision remains strong and true today. We built this for YOU! And, we love what we do!

Cheers! Carey-Ann and Casey

woman listening to professors on video call