E-learning can mean many different things to many different people! At Risio Institute, we designed our Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Diploma Program to be primarily online. We deliver e-learning modules created in-house, by our talented Casey Sharp, that we house on our Absorb LMS (Learning Management System) platform.

When creating this dental assisting program, it was important for us to find a robust LMS to house our e-learning modules. We wanted something robust, fast and efficient for our students to be able to access effortlessly. After many trials of various platforms, we chose Absorb, which is a Calgary-based company! How fitting that Risio Institute was founded in Calgary, as well!

Risio Institute offers a variety of content for the students on the Absorb LMS to suit various different learning styles. We recognize that all students learn differently, so it is important for us to ensure that our students find their niche in the program. All theory modules are delivered online prior to students attending their clinical modules in Calgary at Risio Institute. We host one 12-day clinical module at the end of Term 1, and one 9-day module at the end of Term 2! We are confident that our program is created to help YOU succeed!