Every successful dental assistant in Canada needs to do a little networking—what you know is certainly the most important part of this job, but who you know can really come in handy when you’re vying for a position at a competitive practice or trying to get your foot in the door of a course that can help build your professional skills.

Risio is more than just an institution that provides quality dental assistant training—it’s also a hub of opportunity for meeting industry professionals who can help your career advance. Below, our team shares 8 tips to help you network more effectively so that you can enjoy long-term success as a dental assistant in Canada.

Dental assistant on job board with device at home

Explore Job Boards & Social Media Platforms

Striking a balance between specialized job boards and broader platforms like LinkedIn is the best way to widen your net of opportunities.

Tips for Success

  • Explore Risio’s exclusive job board, featuring curated opportunities at dental practices across Canada.
  • Optimize your LinkedIn profile, focusing on achievements and learnings from your professional training.
  • Join LinkedIn groups to connect with professionals and alumni.

Become a Member of Professional Associations

Being part of dental professional associations provides a robust platform for connections and learning.

Tips for Success

  • Enroll in associations like the Canadian Dental Assistants Association (CDAA).
  • Participate in workshops, webinars, and contribute to forums and newsletters.
  • Use member directories to focus your networking efforts on the people who can help you the most.
Graphic of dental assistants in training at industry event

Go to Dental Industry Events

Industry-specific events are often hotspots for networking and discovering new industry trends. This is a great way to keep your knowledge current and competitive while meeting important people in the Canadian dental industry.

Tips for Success

  • Attend—and if possible, volunteer—at major events like the Pacific Dental Conference.
  • Engage in discussions, sharing your views and learning from others’ experiences.
  • Collect and give business cards to facilitate follow-up interactions.

Cultivate Relationships with Risio Faculty & Peers

Your journey through Risio Institute intertwines you with a network of faculty and peers, which can be a goldmine of support and opportunities. Many people build relationships that last for the rest of their careers while still in school—and our programs are no exception.

Tips for Success

  • Participate actively in Risio’s classes and events, fostering relationships with faculty members.
  • Engage in study groups and collaborative projects.
  • Keep in touch with peers and faculty, even after completing your program.
Smiling dental assistant volunteering with community dental program while networking

Volunteer with Community Dental Programs

Community programs can not only be enriching for your skills but also widen your networking horizon. Risio also accepts volunteer hours towards the practical requirements of your diploma, so this can be done while you’re studying with us!

Tips for Success

  • Seek out and participate in community dental health programs and camps.
  • Partner with local NGOs, offering your expertise as a dental assistant (if you’ve already finished a training program).
  • Share your volunteering experiences on professional platforms.

Spend Time on Online Forums & Discussion Groups

Virtual platforms are a treasure trove for global and local networking without geographical constraints.

Tips for Success

  • Participate in forums and discussion groups specific to dental assisting.
  • Share your knowledge and be open to learning from shared experiences and case studies.
  • Ensure your comments and posts reflect professionalism and respect.
Smiling dental assistant during practical module for ongoing training

Keep Learning & Sharing Your Knowledge

Being a continuous learner and sharer in your field not only enhances your skills but also helps you gain authority with other professionals who can end up opening doors for you down the road.

Tips for Success

  • Enroll in continuous learning programs like Risio’s Orthodontic Program.
  • Share your learning milestones and certifications on professional platforms.
  • Engage in knowledge exchange through webinars and workshops.

Create a Vibrant Personal Brand

A well-curated personal brand positions you distinctively in a competitive field, helping others remember you and creating favourable impressions with potential employers.

Tips for Success

  • Make your LinkedIn profile consistent with your personality and consider creating a personal blog to showcase your journey and expertise.
  • Ensure consistency in your messaging and visuals across other social media platforms, even if you don’t use them for networking purposes (like Instagram or Facebook).
  • Share stories and experiences that resonate with your brand persona.

Risio: Your Companion in Career Development

At Risio Institute, we go beyond traditional educational boundaries to connect you with a vibrant, dynamic network of dental professionals. From foundational learning in our Free Online Course to upskilling opportunities and exclusive career development tools, we can help you build the skills and the network you’ll need to succeed as a dental assistant in Canada. Take the next step in your career and apply to Risio today.