After completing a busy month in July, we decided to try something new and take our weekly meetings outdoors! It is no secret that we love the outdoors and spending time on our mountain bikes or paddleboards. So, starting in August we let our creative juices flow in the great outdoors. It is amazing how good it is for mental health and creativity.

Leading a busy life with a work schedule, study schedule and family schedule means that we need to take care of ourselves, so that we are healthy for everyone else who needs us! In our August meetings, we brainstormed ideas for growth within Risio Institute, while we spent time troubleshooting areas that require more attention.

We, too, have many students who depend on us and depend on the quality of their education, and that is what we are here for! Our passions collide each and every day, not just in our weekly meetings! What is our best advice to you? Take your meetings outside and discover what it can do for YOU!

Cheers! Carey-Ann and Casey

bike on a mountain with cloudy background