• Dental assisting is a rewarding and practical option for new high school graduates. It provides the opportunity to do meaningful work with the potential for growth and competitive compensation.
  • Risio’s Dental Aide Program is a comprehensive online course that covers preliminary skills and knowledge for future dental assistants and is designed to be accessible to high school students. The content covers dental clinical basics, essential dental care skills, and sterilization techniques.
  • Priced under $1000 CAD, the Dental Aide Program is fully online, allowing students to complete it from any location and at their own pace. This format ensures that students can balance the program with their current studies and activities.
  • The program equips students for vital roles in dental practices such as steritechs and dental administrators. These positions are essential for maintaining health standards and managing administrative tasks, serving as stepping stones toward becoming a dental assistant.

Graduation comes fast, and the prospect of what to do afterward can be scary—but the more you learn about potential career pathways now, the better prepared you’ll be to take confident next steps once you collect your high school diploma and start the next phase of your life.

Dental assisting is a rewarding career option that gives you the opportunity to do meaningful work in an essential field with competitive compensation and growth potential. At Risio, we offer some of Canada’s best dental assistant education—including fully online introductory courses for young people that can help you learn key skills and knowledge before you’ve even finished high school. Read on to learn how you can set yourself up for success as a dental assistant sooner rather than later and how to move forward on this important career path.

Young woman pointing to her teeth while learning online in Risio's Dental Aide Program

Risio’s Dental Aide Program At a Glance

What’s Included

Our Dental Aide Program provides key knowledge in the following areas:

  • Dental clinical basics: learn about the flow of work in a dental practice and familiarize yourself with key terms and procedures so that you can orient yourself quickly when you enter a professional environment.
  • Clinical basics: Develop the essential skills you’ll need to deliver dental care on a daily basis, including tray setup, and familiarize yourself with vital tools of the trade.
  • Sterilization: Learn about microbiology and how to prevent and control infections in a dental practice to minimize the transmission of diseases and maintain a clean, patient-friendly environment.

Why It’s Ideal for Early Career Planners

Our Dental Assisting Distance Diploma Program is aimed at adults looking for the credentials that will qualify them to work as Registered Dental Assistants or Certified Dental Assistants across Canada—but these positions are often difficult to obtain without previous experience in a dental practice, so most candidates start in other roles instead and work in those jobs while completing their studies.

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Here’s the thing, though: practically every job in a dental office requires some specialized knowledge and skill. That makes offerings like the Dental Aide Program ideal for young people who want a leg up when applying for their first position at a practice.

Additionally, the Dental Aide Program is designed to be accessible and practical for high schoolers. Here’s what makes it different from other online courses:

Piggy bank with high school graduation hat to symbolize saving money with cost-effective online education like Risio's Dental Aide Program

Less than $1000 CAD

We created our Dental Aide Program to be as financially accessible as possible so that money doesn’t stand between you and the start of an exciting career. Tuition for your courses is just $985 CAD.

High school student taking Dental Aide Program online course via Risio

Fully Online

Every module of the Dental Aide Program is taken online—which means there’s no need to travel to a physical location for any of the skills or knowledge you’ll learn. This means you can complete your courses from anywhere, and ensures that our training never has to get in the way of your current studies or extracurricular activities.

High school student running on track to symbolize going at her own pace with online learning like Risio's Dental Aide Program

Completely Self-Directed

Not only can you take the Dental Aide Program from anywhere; but you can also do it 100% on your own schedule within the 6-month deadline. Giving you the opportunity to learn when you want means you’ll never have to choose between completing the program, practicing a sport, or studying for an upcoming exam.

Potential Positions After Finishing the Dental Aide Program

Dental practices in Canada rely on more than just dentists and dental assistants to thrive. Here are a few of the roles our Dental Aide Program can help you qualify for so that you can build valuable practical experience before transitioning into a career as a fully-fledged dental assistant.

Steritech in dental practice after completing Risio's Dental Aide Program


Steritech professionals in dental practices are crucial for maintaining the highest standards of sterilization and infection control. In this role, you’ll be responsible for ensuring that all dental instruments and environments are sterilized according to strict health and safety protocols.

This position requires meticulous attention to detail and a strong commitment to patient safety. Steritech professionals play a key role in preventing cross-contamination and ensuring that their dental practices operate smoothly and hygienically.

Dental admin in practice after completing Risio's Dental Aide Program

Dental Administration

These roles encompass elements of reception work and customer service. They include tasks like scheduling appointments, managing patient records, processing insurance claims, and ensuring effective communication between patients and dental professionals.

This role requires excellent organizational skills, proficiency in office software, and strong interpersonal abilities. A dental admin acts as the first point of contact for patients, making them vital for creating a positive and welcoming environment in each dental office.

Find Your Future After High School with Risio’s Help

Your first job after high school graduation doesn’t have to be mundane or dead-end—in fact, starting work in a dental practice and preparing to become a dental assistant puts you on a course toward stability and an exciting future.

Learn more about our Dental Aide Program by exploring the FAQ below, or get started with a free online course to get the basics under your belt and gauge your interest in the kind of work you’ll be doing. Let us be your first step towards a life after high school that you’ll love.

Frequently Asked Questions about Risio’s Dental Aide Program

Who benefits most from Risio’s Dental Aide Program?

Risio’s Dental Aide Program is ideal for young people who want to work in dental practices but need foundational skills or experience to get a foot in the door. It’s ideal for preparing you for your first steritech or dental administration role, and provides a great introduction to the online format we use for most courses in our Diploma Program as well.

Will the Dental Aide Program give me credit towards Risio’s Diploma Program?

Yes! Successfully completing our Dental Aide Program gives you the option to enroll in our Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program and receive credit for Module 2 (Microbiology and Infection Prevention & Control).

How much money can I earn in my first job at a dental practice?

In Canada, the average salary for a starting steritech or dental administration is usually in the range of $40,000 to $50,000 per year, but experienced workers can earn significantly more. This compares favourably to many entry-level positions available immediately after finishing high school, making dental assisting a potentially advantageous career path.