Online education has become a popular term these days, as Universities and Colleges across the world look at alternative educational delivery methods to support their students. While face-to-face delivery models were something we all knew as a standard in education, our younger generations have been engaging in tech-savvy learning for years now! How do we learn from Generation Y & Z and how has online learning become so simple for them?

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Everything is at our fingertips; our phones, our laptops, our tablets, our watches, and anything else we can use to connect our minds to the world. Students from grades 1-12 engage in Google Classroom or similar platforms, while post-secondary students engage in Blackboard, Moodle, Absorb, and the list goes on! What is a normal day-to-day experience for them, was once foreign to us.

Risio Institute began building its online learning model long before it became a necessity in 2020, and our commitment has always been to the learner, their experience, and their outcomes. We were ahead of the game and continue to grow and deliver a program that is interactive, engaging and strategic. Let us show you how!