When Casey and I met for dinner in August 2018 (see the blog below for that fateful evening!!!), we discovered a dream; an idea that would change the future of dental assisting. Our vision was strong, reliable and focused. Our passion exuded out of every leaf of the seed we were planting, and right there before our eyes, began the creation of the Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program we offer today.

As the idea grew and the work began to get the curriculum built, approvals sent in to the various regulators and online learning management platforms created, Casey and I grew our 2-person team to a 3-person team. We were eager to get the program up and running and looked ‘outside the box’ for additional resources and expertise. It seemed to be the perfect fit.

But, as life happens and dreams become a reality, things don’t always move in the direction we think they should. What started as our driving force and a strong vision was soon diverting away from our initial intent for the program. After much contemplation and soul searching, our 3-person team went back to a 2-person team once again, and the search for a branding firm began.

Casey and I continue to move forward with our initial vision of the Institute and our dream is to educate individuals in a profession that we are truly passionate about. We want to offer an education to individuals who cannot get to a large city center to take their schooling, and we believe with our whole hearts that everyone deserves a chance at a bright future.

What’s in store for the Institute? We are excited to move forward and share this dream with the rest of Canada, and eventually the world! Our future projects include offering scholarships to women (or men) in need. We believe that giving back to our community is the best way to display our intent and our passion for what we do. Eventually, our team will grow and we will be in a position to offer jobs to our community, as well. Our number one goal is to prove that our passion built this, and we are fortunate enough to call this our own! xoxo Carey

passion led us here written on the sidewalk