Online learning has carried a certain stigma with it for years, and we are here to set the record straight! For many individuals, it may be the only method of learning, or gaining their education, that works for them. Family situations, life circumstances, and many other reasons fall into ‘why’ students prefer the online environment. For others, it may simply be the most time effective and cost effective direction to take. And we agree! It makes perfect sense for the busy Millennial, gen Z’er, or heck, even our fellow Gen X’ers!!!

The online environment can be a huge cost-saver for many. Students find the flexibility of working while gaining their credentials a huge bonus. Large debts are avoided and hands on training is gained. In fact, many employers prefer to hire individuals with hands-on experience and training, and who have an idea of what to expect once they enter the workforce!

Large debts can be avoided when studying online and working either part time or full time. Individuals have an opportunity to contribute to the household bills while bringing in an income, all while getting closer to their dream education and dream career. Students around the world are taking advantage of this work-life balance and finding it to be rewarding and successful.

Millennials and Generation Z are adaptable and comfortable with technology, as they were raised knowing nothing different. Learning in the comfort of their home, on their own time and with their own schedule, may just be the niche they are looking for and accustom to. Technology is on the forefront with these current and upcoming generations, who ‘fear nothing’! Online learning is just ‘another day’ to how these generations are taught, interact, and move about in every-day-life.

Today is your day! Challenge yourself, challenge your limits, and dream big. The sky is the limits in your education journey!

xoxoxo Carey & Casey

Carey and Casey collaborating on Risio programs