Yes, that is correct! The Bridgette Bar- on a sunny afternoon on August 29th, 2018, where Casey and I met for our usual dinner and catch-up session! Our casual meander turned into a wild brainstorming session consisting of dental courses and dreams. Dreams that can only be possible with a vision so strong that nothing breaks us.

Over the past 8 months, Casey and I turned that dream into a reality and focused our spare time on creating and building a program so dynamic that we cannot wait to share it with the world. Literally- the world! That evening at the Bridgette Bar, our conversation went from offering and Orthodontic Module to building our vision of the perfect Distance Delivery Dental Assistant Program. So, we did just that!

What’s next? The sky is the limits! Stay tuned for more…..the best is yet to come!

Photo of the Bridgette bar