Did you go straight to College or University right after high school? Do you still work in the career you initially started in?

We often get asked by applicants if we think they are ‘too old’ to go back to school, and our answer is always NO! Education is a lifelong path and many of us have changed careers a few times since high school graduation. Many of our students have been in the dental industry for years and are now making their way back to school to become certified/registered in the profession they love!

The benefit to our online learning program for dental assisting is that our students don’t have to leave home or move away from their community! They can stay at the same great dental office they’ve worked at for years, and gain their education primarily online! We get to see their smiling faces in person during our two short clinical modules held in Calgary throughout the program. This is a win-win for the student, the employer, and Risio!

woman learning online

Cheers! Carey-Ann and Casey