Our main priority is seeing our students through to their graduation day. Day 1 is as important as graduation day. Day 1 sets the pace for the next two years of learning and growing in our program. Throughout your journey, we monitor progress, screen time on the LMS, grades, and interactive tutorial sessions. Your education is our priority and your successful outcome is our mission.

While we monitor weekly progress and contact time on the Abosrb Learning Management Software (LMS), we also look to our students to reach out when they need assistance. Hosting weekly tutorials is just one way to gain an understanding of concepts that are tricky to learn on your own. With the opportunity to have contact and observation time in a dental office while enrolled in the program, students have a great resource at their fingertips each and every day; their team members!

What a great opportunity to learn on the job and have access to professionals on a daily basis who have gone through the education themselves! We considered every angle when designing our program to ensure that our students have the best access to education out there!