We hosted our first Term 1 clinical module in February 2021. Planning and executing a clinical module is no small task, but we worked hard and enjoyed every minute of it! Our friends from Henry Schein and Patterson were relentless with their support and desire to see us succeed, and our ambition created something beyond our expectations!

Going into this first clinical module, we knew we had a lot of work to do, logistically. When a curriculum is built in theory and then executed practically, there’s always a bit of modifying required. But, this was the fun part! Seeing our dream become a reality has been the biggest blessing over this past few years. We made minor adjustments to how the clinical module unfolded and our students left with an abundance of knowledge and skill.

With fewer students in each intake, and new intakes being offered monthly, we were able to shorten the first clinical module to 12 days. The flow was comfortable as we immersed ourselves in the learning!