Over the past year, Carey-Ann and Casey have worked endlessly with the Private Career Colleges of Ontario to obtain approval for Risio Institute to open and become licensed in Ontario. The ‘behind the scenes’ work was complicated and involved a long process of regulation and approvals from the government and the national board to obtain eligibility for Risio’s Dental Assistant Distance Delivery Program to operate in Ontario. This summer, Risio received the ‘green light’ and the license to operate in Toronto, Ontario, and we cannot be MORE PROUD!

We chose to open a campus in Ontario due to the demand and need for dental assistants across Canada. The eastern campus is a great option for students who want to attend clinical modules closer to home! The theoretical curriculum is delivered in the exact same format as the Risio Alberta campus, apart from the clinical modules, which will be held at the end of the program for 18 days of intra-oral training.

We are so fortunate and thankful for our partnership with dentalcorp and their generous offering to Risio Institute with a clinical location in Toronto, Ontario. Stay tuned for more information on the Ontario location, as we begin to advertise and enroll students for our first fall intake. Risio will host monthly intakes with a maximum of 10 students per month, and we anticipate enrollments to escalate, so early enrollment is recommended! We look forward to providing better access to education across Canada!