• Studying for your dental assistant program online can save you money on living expenses, especially if you’re from a rural area or can’t afford to live in expensive cities like Toronto or Vancouver.
  • Tuition fees for online programs like Risio’s are substantially lower than traditional in-person programs, offering quality education without breaking the bank.
  • Cut back on hefty costs of textbooks and course materials through online education. Risio offers digital materials, saving you hundreds of dollars each semester.
  • The flexibility of online learning allows you to work part-time, potentially earning while learning. Risio even integrates hands-on work experience into the program.

They say education is priceless, but the costs of going to school are very real—and in many places across Canada, they’re steadily rising. We’re not just talking about tuition, either. Many students also face increased living expenses like rent, food, and transportation that drive up the total costs of an in-person education substantially. But what can you do about it?

Completing your dental assistant program can help you save money by reducing or eliminating many of the costs above, while providing opportunities to earn money as you study. Below, the Risio team walks you through four key areas where online education can help you save more money and take on less debt.

Student tallying up living expenses with phone and laptop

Living Expenses

Most in-person dental assistant programs are located in the country’s biggest cities—but life in Toronto or Vancouver is far from cheap. Here are some estimates from of what you should expect to budget for your cost of living each month if you’re planning to move to a major metropolitan area for schooling:

Food & Groceries$400$350$300$350$350
Cost of Living Estimates

Keep in mind, these are just ballpark numbers—and they don’t account for entertainment or other lifestyle expenses. They also assume you’re going to be living with roommates, eating cheap, and doing everything else as economically as possible.

Ultimately, the costs of moving to a new city to complete your dental assistant training can be considerably higher than staying where you currently live to study online. This is especially true if you’re presently in a rural or more remote area with a more affordable housing market.

Tuition Fees

Living expenses aren’t the only area where in-person education can be more expensive—tuition itself tends to be pricier for programs where you spend the majority of learning hours physically attending campus.

Online programs require less overhead to operate, which translates into savings for students. For example:

Online student saving money by using digital course materials instead of paying for textbooks

Course Materials

University textbooks and other course materials can take a chunk out of your budget as well when you’re studying in person. Online programs can often provide these materials at a far lower cost than traditional retail options. For example:

  • Risio’s textbooks cost $310 (payable in the first semester).
  • According to The Globe and Mail, the average cost of textbooks each semester for a Canadian post-secondary student is $500-$1000.

Part-Time Work

Finally, you’ll need to factor in the opportunity cost of going to school—i.e., the amount of money you’re giving up by committing yourself to a program of study instead of staying at the job you have now.

For in-person programs, this cost is usually considerable, since classes usually take place throughout the week during regular business hours and make it difficult to hold a job while studying. As a general rule, you shouldn’t count on being able to make money at the same time.

Online programs often offer more flexibility and let you study at the times that work best for you (as long as you complete certain assignments and milestones by their designated deadlines). At Risio, hands-on work experience part of our diploma program so you can gain experience and earn an income in your field before you’ve even graduated!

Dental assistant working at practice as part of requirements for online learning program

Investing In Your Future Without Breaking the Bank

The best education isn’t always the most expensive option—and in fact, with the cost of living rising every year, it’s arguably in your best interest to find a dental assisting program that can prepare you with the skills you’ll need to move forward in your career without plunging you into unnecessary financial hardship.

We designed our program to provide top-level skills, knowledge, and practical experience while remaining as convenient and affordable as possible for students. To learn more, contact Risio today and speak with a team member, or find answers to some of our most common questions below:

Frequently Asked Questions about Studying Dental Assisting Online

How will studying dental assisting online help me find a job after graduation?

Risio students get exclusive access to an online job board where they can explore postings from dental practices around the country. We also work with DentalHive—an app that provides tools for dental professionals to network with each other and find career-building opportunities.

Does Risio’s online dental assisting program have an in-person component?

Yes! The program includes a clinical component in the 2nd term offered at our Calgary, AB and Toronto, ON campuses.

Can Risio help me with travel and accommodations for the in-office practicum?

Yes—Risio makes it easy to book your stay with one of our dedicated AirBnB partners, who offer special pricing and exclusive access during the dates for our in-office practicums.

How can I access instructors and support services while studying dental assisting online?

At Risio, getting one-on-one support from your instructors is easy. Our online booking calendar lets you book individual tutoring sessions—think of it like virtual office hours!

Can I apply for financial aid when studying online with Risio?

The Canada Provincial Job Grant can provide up to $10,000 for employers to help train employees. Find out if your employer could apply on your behalf by reviewing their guidelines.

Online dental assistant programs allow you to learn in the environment that’s most comfortable and convenient for you. Whether it’s a quiet corner of your home or a local library, you get to choose the best place for you to focus. This flexibility often leads to better concentration, higher productivity, and improved learning outcomes.

This advantage is also particularly important if you live in a rural or remote area—since it lets you gain a quality education without the need to commute or relocate.