Risio Institute’s orthodontic post-graduate module is now available on our website for enrollment! Current Registered Dental Assistants or Certified Dental Assistants in good standing with their provincial regulator are eligible to enroll in the orthodontic
module. Risio’s Orthodontic Module Includes:

Orthodontic Theory Module: Theory – 1 Theoretical Module that covers topics including:

  • Introduction to Orthodontics
  • Treatment Categories
  • Mechanics of Appliance Action
  • Diagnostic Records
  • Specialized Instruments
  • Patient Education
  • Checking Appliance Integrity

Orthodontic Module: Clinical – 1 Module that provides theoretical and evaluation information on the skills to be performed clinically in Clinical Orthodontic Procedures including:

  • Diagnostic Records
  • Separation
  • Banding and Debanding
  • Bonding and Debonding
  • Archwires
  • Ligatures
  • Power Products
  • Archwire Accessories

Orthodontic Final Exam – 75 multiple questions administered online, proctored via Examity.
*The maximum length that a student can complete the RIDDE Orthodontic Module is 3 months; the course can be accelerated.
*Students who have successfully written the RIDDE Orthodontic Module Final exam are then able to register for the corresponding Clinical Orthodontic Procedures, which includes:

Clinical Orthodontic Procedures – students will be taught and evaluated on the following Orthodontic Clinical Competencies:

  • place and remove orthodontic separators
  • select, fit and cement orthodontic bands
  • insert orthodontic appliances
  • place and bond orthodontic brackets and bondable attachments
  • insert, ligate and remove orthodontic archwires, which were formed by a dentist, using individual elastomeric ligatures, chain elastomeric ligatures, wire ligature ties (separate and continuous) and selfligation mechanisms
  • trim and or bend distal ends of orthodontic archwires
  • place and remove orthodontic accessories
  • remove orthodontic bands, brackets and bondable attachments

*The clinical component, Clinical Orthodontic Procedures, must be completed within 1 year of completing the theoretical module.