At Risio Institute, we are passionate about training people for a career in
dental assisting using the latest technology and best practices – that’s why
we’ve partnered with Bluelight – a worldwide leader in light curing testing
technology and training, that’s been utilized everywhere around the world
from classroom to clinic.

There’s a large need for hands-on education and training when it comes to
light curing, as it drives over 50% of production in a practice and only 40%
of dental assistants are formally trained. We believe our partnership with
Bluelight will enable our graduates to be one step ahead when it comes to
delivering the best possible care and outcomes for patients.

In October, we had the pleasure of visiting the team from Bluelight Analytics
at their headquarters in Halifax, Nova Scotia. We were so impressed with
their technology that we couldn’t wait to share it with our team and our
students! Check out their website at